Premium Fabrics

 Pink Wave

 Bright Cats

 Red Cats

 Pastel Cats

 White Owls

 Beach Huts

 Pink Rulers

 Orange Rulers

Standard Fabrics

 Pastel Shells

 Blue Squares

 Grey Eyes

 Green Grid

 Blue Sails

 Yellow Trees

 Teal Squiggles


 Orange Fleck

 Purple Wave

 Yellow Birds


 Pink Grapes

Orange Poppies

 Lilac Wave

 Yellow Slinkies

 Flourescent Stripe

 Purple Circles

 Pink Shrimps

 Khaki Dice

 Teal Triangles

 Green Swirls

 Pink Grid

 Pink Swirls

Blue Fairies

Green Leaf

Red Aqua

 Little Blue Leaves

Fabrics on this page can be used to make most of the items in our online shop - just email us with the name of the fabric and the name of the item you want and we will check we have enough in stock. Standard Fabrics will not add any extra cost to your item, but Premium fabrics will incur an uplift in cost.